We know we are only as good as our suppliers. So it’s for this very reason that we’re fastidious about who we buy from.

We work with a number of the best British suppliers for all products, including fruit, vegetables, salads, foraged foods, eggs and dairy. Provenance is always close to our hearts.

Where possible we always endeavour to buy British, but we all know that isn’t always possible so we have a well-established network of growers and suppliers across Northern and Southern Europe and, indeed, from around the globe. With daily deliveries from Rungis market Paris, Milan, Barcelona and regular shipments from Asia, our catalogue of products is vast.

Due diligence is at the heart of everything we do, therefore all our suppliers have to meet a strict criteria of ethical working practises and hold the necessary accreditations.

Here are a few of our suppliers:


Cacklebean eggs

A delightful 10-acre Cotswold farm where Paddy and Steph rear and look after their own pedigree breed of birds. Even their quails have their own barn so that they can fly freely. The chickens roam in open fields and the result – a deep coloured, fresh tasting, natural (no food pigments here) egg.


Cacklebean Eggs logo

Nurtured in Norfolk

Owned and run by a chef who grows for chefs. Traditional methods growing cresses on the substrate they’re supposed to grow on – soil. Resulting in an intense flavour.

Nurtured in Norfolk logo

AJ & CI Snell

Anthony and Christine grow the finest strawberries, raspberries, blueberries and blackcurrents on their Herefordshire farm. The tastiest around.

AJ & CI Snell logo

Nutbourne Nursery

Based in Sussex, Nutbourne Nursery produces artisan, insecticide-free tomatoes offering a huge range of varieties.

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