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How to Store Eggs: Refrigerated or Ambient?

In the food world there are several age-old debates surrounding ingredients, dishes and the world of catering, such as: Should pineapple ever be on a pizza? Is a fillet steak best served rare or medium rare? Is the gluten-free trend a fad or here to stay? And is it jam first or cream first?! But […]

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Wild Foods

Introduction to Wild Sea Veggies: What are Sea Vegetables?

In recent years, wild foods have shot into the limelight as a popular choice for restaurant menus. But as with all products of this natural quality, they’re best used on fine dining menus prepared by skilled chefs who can appreciate how exquisite these products are. Whilst many people know about the range of wild mushrooms […]

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The Chefs’ Forum at the Buddha Bar: 16th July

The Chef’s Forum are hosting an event on Monday 16th July at the Buddha Bar and First Choice would like to extend the invitation to all our customers. There will be welcome drinks and canapés followed by a range of demonstrations and masterclasses and the chance to speak to a number of suppliers — and all […]

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12 of the Most Expensive Ingredients a Chef Can Buy

There are hundreds of ingredients that a chef might deem expensive. But there are a select few that go above and beyond this accolade and are among the most expensive in the world. Some carry a high price tag as they’re heavily labour-intense. Some are scarce enough to push the price up. Some simply have […]

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Their produce is always the best there is, their service and knowledge second to none.
Paul Merritt
Wild Foods

Our Guide to Fiddleheads: What are Fiddlehead Ferns?

Fiddlehead ferns. Blink and you’ll miss them, as once the ferns unfurl their green fronds it’s game over I’m afraid. Capture that moment when the coiled green fern tops are still tightly wound like a shepherds crook and you’ve got yourself a culinary delight. What are Fiddlehead Ferns? Fiddlehead ferns (or fiddleheads) are the emerging […]

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When is White and Black Truffle Season?

White and black truffles are amongst the most coveted ingredients in the culinary world. They exude a powerful flavour that can’t be matched by any other natural product. They’re also highly seasonal and can’t be acquired all year round. Just like British asparagus, their quality, rarity and unique flavour puts them in high demand – […]

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