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10 Chefs You Should be Following on Instagram

Yotam Ottolenghi (@ottolenghi) 10 years on from publishing his debut cookbook, Yotam Ottolenghi is still serving up some sensational dishes and dazzling his 638,000 Instagram followers. If you’re looking for a little Middle Eastern inspiration in your cooking, then @ottolenghi should be your first stop. Expect stunning large platters of his characteristic salads, delectable desserts […]

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What is a Sudachi Lime?

The sudachi (commonly referred to in the UK as the sudachi lime) is a citrus fruit that originates from Japan. The sudachi is a natural genetic mutation the yuzu. It was first cultivated in the Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku Island and is still cultivated there today. Cultivation has spread further afield since, with a notable […]

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A great chef is an artist that I truly respect.
Robert Stack
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A Chef’s List of Unusual Citrus Fruits

Autumn through to the end of winter is when our warehouse welcomes a wide selection of one type of fresh produce: the citrus fruits. Our citrus fruits list includes your everyday lemons and limes but it’s the quirkier varieties that get us excited. Sourced from all over the world — from the USA through to […]

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When is Jersey Royals Season?

The humble potato has been a staple crop around the world for many years. In fact, its origins can be traced back to southern Peru between 8000 and 5000 BC! After the Spanish took over they brought the crop back to Europe, and from there it spread worldwide — including onto the shores of a […]

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How to Store Eggs: Refrigerated or Ambient?

In the food world there are several age-old debates surrounding ingredients, dishes and the world of catering, such as: Should pineapple ever be on a pizza? Is a fillet steak best served rare or medium rare? Is the gluten-free trend a fad or here to stay? And is it jam first or cream first?! But […]

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