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A chef’s guide to cooking with fresh truffles

Truffles are a decadent ingredient, designed to enhance the flavours of a wide array of dishes. Typically sourced from countries in Europe, fresh truffles will only grow in pristine conditions, which explains why they are so valuable and rare.

fresh black winter truffles

One feature of cooking with fresh truffles and truffle oil that makes the product so special is its versatility. After a fresh truffle delivery, we recommend adding the foraged ingredient into scrambled eggs for a luxury breakfast, or use it in pasta dishes to impress dinner guests.

Our chef’s guide takes you through a number of different ways truffles can be prepared for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Cooking with truffle for breakfast

They may seem a little extravagant for breakfast, but being the most important meal of the day, a breakfast dish with truffles is a must for a special treat.

For a breakfast dish, we recommend using fresh black winter truffles to make creamy scrambled eggs.

Shaving fresh truffles over warm, buttery scrambled eggs adds an earthy flavour to the dish. However, you can also use truffle oil in the butter that’s cooked with your scrambled eggs for a flavourful truffle treat.

box of organic eggs

Cooking with truffles for lunch

A light, savoury pastry tart is always a good choice for lunch. They can be made in batches, cut into slices and eaten on the go.

There is an endless list of savoury tart recipes available. But by adding a hint of truffle salt on top – we can guarantee that you’ll be able to enhance even some of the plainest of pastries.

As well as tarts, truffle salt can be used for lunch on top of french fries or to enhance a steak dish. We recommend pairing this dish with our black truffle ketchup for a pub lunch (at home) with a lavish twist.

truffle ketchup

For a healthy, quick lunch, truffle oil can be used to dress fresh vegetarian salads. Paired with rocket, the oil can bring out an earthy, intense flavour – making for a wonderful light lunch.

Fresh salad

Cooking with truffles for dinner

This couldn’t be a chef’s guide if we didn’t mention a classic Italian truffle pasta dish.

We highly recommend using fresh black truffles shaved over your favourite type of pasta. The rich, earthy textures and flavours match the buttery taste of a perfectly cooked pasta dish.

When cooking with truffles, just a small amount can go quite a long way. When cooking black truffle in butter and cheese, the fat will be absorbed into the flavour – making its distinct taste go even further. 1oz of fresh black truffle is enough to make a tasty pasta dish for two people – perfect for a date night.

Cooking with truffles can be a delicate task. Never cook fresh truffles over a lot of heat, otherwise the flavours can disappear.

Using them alongside milder ingredients in pasta, such as mushrooms, ensures that their flavours remain the centre of the dish. Due to their delicate nature, pairing truffles with heavily garlicky, spiced or peppery dishes make their flavours far more likely to be overpowered.

Fresh truffle pasta on a white dish

Where to buy fresh truffles and truffle oil

It’s clear that this foraged ingredient can be used to enhance a countless number of dishes.

Our chef’s guide has highlighted some of our favourite breakfast, lunch and dinner choices, but its malleability makes truffle products suitable for so much more experimentation.

You can’t pick up this delicacy from your local supermarket. However, we offer fresh truffle delivery, available online through our store.

You can also view our collection of unique truffle products online, including black truffle honey and truffle dust.

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