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Chef’s Guide to Wild Garlic 

Wild garlic is, quite simply, a fantastic foraged product. Chef’s go wild (quite literally) for this delicious British wild crop each and every year. What is wild garlic? Wild garlic is an edible salad crop that grows wild across the UK as well as Europe and parts of Asia. It’s a bulbous perennial flowering plant […]

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Gull’s Eggs: A Chef’s Guide

Gull’s eggs are an age-old delicacy that — for 3-4 weeks each year — become one of the most sought-after British eggs by chefs around the UK. Their stunning appearance and mouth-watering flavour, coupled with their fleetingly brief season make gull’s eggs one of the most expensive ingredients a chef can buy; sometimes fetching as […]

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Our Guide to Fiddleheads: What are Fiddlehead Ferns?

Fiddlehead ferns. Blink and you’ll miss them, as once the ferns unfurl their green fronds it’s game over I’m afraid. Capture that moment when the coiled green fern tops are still tightly wound like a shepherds crook and you’ve got yourself a culinary delight. What are Fiddlehead Ferns? Fiddlehead ferns (or fiddleheads) are the emerging […]

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Mousseron Mushrooms: Do You Want to be the First?

Do you believe in fairies? We sure do. They leave beautiful rings of mushrooms in pastureland and grassy areas ready for our team of foragers to harvest, trim and pack before delivering directly to your kitchen door. Did you know… Mousseron mushrooms, aka fairy ring mushrooms, are actually related to field and horse mushrooms. They […]

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