Mousseron Mushrooms: Do You Want to be the First?

Do you believe in fairies? We sure do.

They leave beautiful rings of mushrooms in pastureland and grassy areas ready for our team of foragers to harvest, trim and pack before delivering directly to your kitchen door.

Did you know…

Mousseron mushrooms, aka fairy ring mushrooms, are actually related to field and horse mushrooms. They mark the beginning of spring and are one of Mother Nature’s highlights.

Available from today and around for a couple of months, it’s time to shout about them on your upcoming menus.

Preparation and dish ideas:

Treat these delicate fungi with respect, often the simplest dishes allow the product to shine. Sautéed in butter, or creamed with tarragon, shallots, garlic and a splash of white port or dry sherry.

They dry exceptionally well too, and a whiff of oak or beech smoke works wonders with this earthy woodland mushroom. Pickling or preserving in oil are all great ways to prepare in advance.

Lightly brush, or rinse VERY briefly then pat dry with a clean tea towel before use.

Another snippet of information for you: it’s believed the word Mousseron comes from the French word for ‘Moss’ the fungi’s natural habitat

Where can I get Mousseron mushrooms??

Here at First Choice HQ we strive to be the first to market. You want to be too? Give us a buzz: 0207 498 0550.

Amit Patel