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Honeys of Henley

Created by husband and wife team Nigel and Jo Eddon, Honeys of Henley was born out of a perpetual passion for bees. This enthusiasm originated from Nigel, who received a ‘golden’ opportunity when working for a landscaping client to take control of a beehive on their land.

The idea immediately appealed to him, so he dived head-first into beekeeper research and became excited about the prospect of becoming one himself. The more involved he became, the more enthusiastic he got, as did his wife, Jo.

Together, they’ve worked hard to turn their passion into a successful business, gathering an immense amount of knowledge and understanding over the years – all of which is poured into every drop of their fine honey.

Sticking firmly to tried and tested, traditional beekeeper methods, Nigel ensures that his colony is as happy as can bee. The result? Sensational honey adored by foodies in the Chilterns and further afield.

Made in small batches and sourced from bees with access to the entirety of the Chilterns and Thames Valley, Nigel and Jo take a hands-on approach to quality control and make sure that every single jar is spot on.

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