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Apple Marigold Herb Powder (Dust) 10g



    Apple Marigold is an extremely versatile dusting powder. It can be used as a herb to add flavour or simply as decoration. Try adding Apple Marigold Dust to your favourite bake or culinary creation to give a sprinkle of colour, or to make your dish photo ready. In addition, it has been noted, that this ground herb is best used on chilled desserts that demand a sharp effervescent quality. Our range of dusting powders is the perfect ingredient to add something unique to your culinary experience. Use powdered Apple Marigold in replacement of any recipes where the fresh mature herb is used. For example, if you’re out of fresh Marigold Leaves your recipe asks for, just use the powdered herb in its place. Available all year round, our dusting powders have a shelf life of 6 months.

    Taste:Apple Marigold powder has a powerful aroma, with a mix of zesty grapefruit and vibrant peppermint flavours. The cool taste and aroma have said to be a mixture of basil, tarragon, mint and lime.
    Allergens:No allergens recognised
    Seasonal Availability:Year Round
    Country of Origin:United Kingdom


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