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Basil Herb Oil 100ml



    Add a few drops of our Basil herb oil to a Bloody Mary or bring a unique twist to a traditional cocktail with this oil. In addition, simply decorate a plate before serving up a starter, main course or dessert. Compliment the citrus flavours by pairing with tomatoes, garlic, onion, pear, mint and strawberry. Our Basil infused herb oil is an easy way to add uplifting notes of citrus and pepper to pasta dishes, pizzas and grain salads. Fresh Basil is naturally infused with rapeseed oil for an intense flavour. Sous Chef suggests, as well as being a great finishing oil for chicken, salads and pasta, the infused oil is also suitable for cooking at low and medium temperatures too. Try drizzling on pasta dishes to create tasteful plate art.

    Taste:Basil infused oil has high aromatic qualities and flavour profiles. Common Basil possesses notes of citrus, clove, anise and cinnamon. This herb oil has a strong green pesto like flavour and would pair well with pasta dishes.
    Allergens:No allergens recognised
    Seasonal Availability:Year Round
    Country of Origin:United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa


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