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Bay Leaf Herb Powder (Dust) 10g



    Bay leaf dusting powder has a distinct taste that can be used in dishes to add heat and spice. In addition, it adds depth by enhancing the savoury elements of a dish. Bay leaves are one of the most used aromatic herb, they are used in a variety of cuisines, but mostly Mediterranean, where this intense flavour is added to almost everything. Ground Bay Leaf gives a great woody earthiness to all kinds of dishes. Although, it should be used sparingly to prevent the flavour overpowering your culinary creations. Spice Mountain suggests half a teaspoon is generally sufficient.

    Taste:Bay Leaf powder is considered to be a subtle flavouring to its mature plant. It’s often used as a supporting leaf to bring out the flavour in other herbs used. When the leaves are dried, the fragrance is herbal, slightly floral, and somewhat similar to oregano and thyme. As with many spices and herb powders, the aroma of the Bay Leaf is a lot stronger than its taste.
    Allergens:No allergens recognised
    Seasonal Availability:Year Round
    Country of Origin:United Kingdom


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