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Digital Waterproof Kitchen Scale


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Zz Take the guesswork out of kitchen measurements with this large-capacity, digital waterproof scale from Taylor. Designed to weigh both dry and liquid ingredients with ultra-fine precision, the tempered glass scale offers durable waterproof construction. This essential kitchen appliance features easy-clean touch-sensor buttons, a bright LED readout, and a “hold” feature that locks in weight even after the item you’re weighing is removed, plus a “tare” function, which means you can calculate the weight of multiple items at once. The scale also features a convenient auto shutoff to conserve battery life.


  • 3 Duracell AAA batteries included
  • 13.6kg / 30lb capacity in 1g / .01 oz increments
  • Waterproof construction with tempered glass
  • Easy-clean touch sensor buttons
  • Bright LED readout
  • Hold feature locks in weight on display when food is removed
  • Weigh both dry & liquid ingredients
  • Auto shutoff to conserve battery life

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