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Arlington White Free-Range Eggs x 30

(8 customer reviews)


A tray of 30 of the finest British Arlington White free-range eggs from Cacklebean. These eggs are truly some of the best hen’s eggs you can buy, with the most spectacular bright orange yolks and a pale white shell.

    Country of Origin: EnglandSupplied By: Cackle Bean Eggs

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    These amazing Arlington eggs come from hens that are free to roam as much as they like.

    Whether you like your eggs scrambled, fried, or boiled, our stress-free and happy hens produce delicious eggs with bright orange yolks.

    The Story Behind the Eggs

    Our eggs are sourced straight from the team at Cacklebean farm who pride themselves on maintaining a healthy flock. All their chickens are bred and hatched on the farm.

    Cacklebean hens are fed the very best food and are free to roam safely in a beautiful 12 acre Cotswold farm.

    When you buy Arlington Eggs from First Choice Produce, you can be confident that you’re buying high-quality eggs from a trusted and reliable source.

    Our eggs are so fresh they can be stored in your home for several weeks.

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    8 reviews for Arlington White Free-Range Eggs x 30

    1. Tatiana Lanteigne (verified owner)

      These eggs are so good! You can absolutely taste the difference between these and supermarket eggs—these are incredibly fresh and have deep orange yolks. They’ve been great any way I’ve cooked them, but my favourite so far is scrambled, as they’re like butter.

    2. Kathryn Wheeler (verified owner)

      These eggs are delicious. Yes I could pay less in a store for the same quantity but the ambiguity over whether they are free range or not is not worth it. The yolks are a lovely orange a sign the hens eat a well balanced & healthy diet not to mention the eggs nutritional value.
      – Kathryn

    3. Johanna Hardy (verified owner)

      Beautiful eggs..absolutely top notch. I will get these again, and again!

    4. Pedro de sousa (verified owner)

      these eggs are so worth the money, i was a little unsure about the price but pro rata buying like this is still cheaper than the best brands in the supermarket per egg, also they are a larger size!

    5. Garry Greensmith (verified owner)

      what a delight these eggs are! we were unsure in buying 30 eggs but as they are so fresh they last easily 3-4 weeks so no issues there!

    6. Claire Smythe (verified owner)

      these eggs are the freshest i have ever seen, with a great deep colour. we used to go to the supermarkets but not any more!!

    7. Glenys Morgan (verified owner)

      Absolutely fantastic eggs and customer service is outstanding I had an issue with the first order but it was sorted out immediately 5stars

    8. William Graeme-Coutts (verified owner)

      Not only are the Yolks superb the whole egg is perfect. You don’t believe me? Go and try them!!!!!

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