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Guanciale sliced 100g


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Guanciale sliced 100g 3-Star Great Taste Award and Charcuterie Product of the Year 2019

Guanciale (we call it Uncle Charlie in the smokehouse) is the cheek of the pig which has been cured, fermented and air-dried in a similar way to pancetta.  Guanciale has more fat than pancetta, but as a result has a huge depth of flavour.  The fat is transformed by the curing and fermenting process and becomes silky and unctuous.  A cooking ingredient it is used in Italy to make the classic dishes; pasta all’amatriciana and spaghetti alla carbonara and can be used as an alternative to pancetta in any recipe.  Try it on a home-made pizza with dolcelatte cheese for something really special!

Gold with 3 Stars’ – Great Taste Awards 2019

The judges said of this product (which was cut into fine slices and cooked until crisp and golden before being judged)

  • A very good looking guanciale with a decent level of fat and lean meat.  The flavour is amazing.  The taste opens up and keeps giving.  The pork brings sweetness, the herbs play on the tongue and just when we start to be amazed another aromatic wave comes along.  A stunning mouthful. Truly memorable and exceptional.  We applaud the way this has been cured- the delivery of complex flavours is outstanding.
  • Perfect sweet/salt balance with deep savoury satisfaction
  • So many layers of flavour in this pork cheek.  This sings!


‘Gold Award’ – Taste of the West 2013       

‘Best Cured Meat’ – Taste of the West 2013

‘SUPREME CHAMPION PRODUCT’ – Taste of the West 2013

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