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HalibOrange Softies Omega 3 & Multivitamins, 3 x 30 Count


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We all want our little ones to shine in life! Haliborange Omega3 & Multivitamin Softies are a tasty way for your child to get some essential vitamins they need every day. UK Department of Health recommends all children from 6 months to 5 years take supplements in the form of Vitamins A, C & D. Softies contain Flaxseed Oil Рa source of essential omega3 fatty acids; Vitamin A Рhelps support normal vision; Vitamin C Рhelps support the immune system and Vitamin B5 Рcontributes to normal mental performance.

  • 3-12 Years
  • Delicious Orange Flavour
  • Contains 8 Essential Vitamins
  • 3 x 30 Count

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