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Hare – Frozen

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Average Weight 1.6kg

With a rich, game-like flavour our British hare is perfect in a stew or casserole accompanied with kale or cabbage.

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Average Weight 1.6kg

Hare is very rich and gamey  – the ‘vindaloo’ of the game world. Hare is commonly casseroled in the traditional way with its blood, known as jugged hare.

2 reviews for Hare – Frozen

  1. Nelly Smith

    Extremely lean and versatile meat with excellent gamey flavours.
    i made a stew out of this with shallots, lardons, red wine and rosemary and it was delicious. Highly recommend!

  2. Chadwick Ford

    High quality piece of meat. really enjoyed this and would definitely be purchasing again.
    try making a casserole with beer or cider… absolutely delicious!

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