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Honeyberries 100g


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Some honeyberry varieties produce fruits that look and taste like blueberries. Like many ornamental honeysuckles, honeyberry bushes are widely adapted, have few pests, and are easy to grow. But unlike most honeysuckles, honeyberries produce small, elongated, blue fruits that taste like blueberries.

Honeyberries have their own unique taste, color and texture. They have very tiny seeds that can be eaten with the berry. The taste has been described as tart/sweet and juicy, like a raspberry. They have a powdery blue skin, like a blueberry but the skin is quite thin and melts in your mouth.

A number of nutritional benefits include high vitamin C and A, high fiber and potassium. They also have high levels of antioxidants, anthocyanins, poly phenols and bioflavonoids.

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