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Marriages Rabbit Pellets (20kg)


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These palatable pellets are suited to periods of breeding and growing. They contain high levels of vitamins and minerals. Coccidiostats help to manage the level of coccidia parasites in the gut to keep them to a level where they do not cause disease symptoms and the animals can develop immunity to them.

On average a rabbit will require 50-80g of pellets per day. This is a guideline and the actual amount needed can vary depending on activity levels and other factors. Rabbits should always have unlimited access to good quality hay and a supply of fresh clean drinking water.

When changing your rabbit food, always ensure that you introduce the new food slowly. Gradually increase the new and decrease the old over a period of approximately 14 days. If switching from a muesli style diet, then increase the transition period to 21-28 days.

Brand Journey:

In 1824 William and Henry Marriage started milling the wheat produced on their family farm. The brothers established a company which grew rapidly, using wind and water power to mill bread flour and livestock feed. Marriage’s has grown with the times, now offering a wide range of animal feeds and pet foods.

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