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Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree


    Country of Origin: England


    The trees are available now so  please leave a message in the notes with the preferable delivery date.

    An excellent first class Christmas tree in a fresh green colour with dense symmetrical and evenly spread branches. The tree has many internodal branches and uniform density. The stem is straight and located in the centre of the tree. Its width is less than the tree’s height and wider than half of the tree’s height.

    please note sizes may not be exact so some may be a few inches taller or shorter, also the branches are left on very near to the base as some people prefer the branches low. if you need to trim them so there is at least 6 inches at the base please let us know.

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    Nordmann Fir Christmas Tree

    5 Foot, 6 Foot, 8 Foot

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