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Parsley Herb Oil 100ml



    Parsley herb oil can be added to stocks, used to create sauces, dressings and garnishes. Add this oil to your dishes if you’re after a peppery and citrusy finish. Furthermore, this herb oil works best in marinades, dressings and coleslaw’s. In addition, due to its fresh flavour, Parsley oil works well when used in combination with other herbs and won’t overpower your dishes or creations. Parsley herb oil compliments poultry and we recommend using with dishes containing chicken. Not only will this herb oil bring flavour to your dish but will add a vibrant green to flatter your creations.

    Taste:Parsley herb oil has a flavour that is often described as fresh and green, with hints of citrus, clove and nutmeg. In addition, it is often referred to that of a pepper taste. Add a vibrancy of colour and flavour to your dishes by using our herb oils..
    Allergens:No allergens recognised
    Seasonal Availability:Year Round
    Country of Origin:United Kingdom, Israel, South Africa


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