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Pork and Venison Pepperoni Sliced 80g


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    Pork and Venison Pepperoni sliced ready for cooking – Free range pork and venison from wild deer is cured and flavoured with Spanish Paprika (PDO), port, cayenne pepper for heat, purple Spanish garlic and fennel.  This special pepperoni is described as ‘medium’ heat. The sausages are filled into natural hog casings before being fermented and air dried.

    Our sliced pepperoni is a cooking ingredient ready to put on a pizza or add to a pasta sauce.

    We rarely use any allergens, however this product does contain mustard which is listed as an allergen.

    Gold with 1 Star – Great Taste Awards 2019

    The judges said of this product

    • This is good looking with an appealing aromatic aroma, nice level of heat, warm, savoury, good level of fennel not dominated by the paprika or the cayenne.  The fat is well distributed and the meat is tender.  The finish is long, tasty, warm and allows all the flavours to follow through.
    • Deep rich umami flavour, gamey and savoury.  Good heat, fennel works well.  Well made, well done.  Rich satisfying flavour.


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