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Red Boat 40° N Fish Sauce


    Supplied By: BoTree

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    Great Taste 2020 : 1 Star Award: Simply Delicious

    Judges Comments:

    This deep amber sauce has a wonderfully punchy fermented fish nose to it. The flavour is savoury and umami with a rich but clean fish flavour. The fish and umami notes have length and there is a rounded flavour. It tasted nice on its own and it would be a great ingredient in cooking. This product seems more assertively fishy than many commercial fish sauces and as such displays considerable character.

    Made from wild-caught black anchovy and sea salt from our neighbouring island of Phú Quốc, Vietnam. Single-press Red Boat 40°N is barrel-aged using a centuries-old fermentation tradition. No preservatives or MSG. Just unsurpassed quality and flavour.

    The traditionally crafted fish sauce is matured in wooden barrels for one year. Grade N is an industry standard that indicates the protein content and quality of fish sauce. Commercially available fish sauces are usually less than 20° N. Red Boat is 40° N.

    Use this fish sauce “neat” over roasted salmon, halibut or scallops, toss with sautéed greens and lemon or blend with butter and smear over a freshly seared steak or lamb chops. It’s particularly good with lime, Red Kampot Pepper and palm sugar as a dipping sauce or salad dressing.

    Think of it as liquid umami that can be used in marinades, dressings, soups or stews.

    Ingredients: anchovies, sea salt.


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