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Rose Powder Edible Flowers (Dust) 10g



    Rose powder can be used as a garnish or flavouring for a variety of dishes and drinks including cocktails, where it can be used on the rim of the glass. Most commonly, Rose dust is used to add a dusting of colour. It can be used in oils, sauces, baked goods, beverages and more. As well as larger celebration cakes, it can be sprinkled onto brownie slabs and macarons. Along with cupcakes, drinks and desserts, our pink powder can also be used to colour jams and syrups, or frozen into ice cubes. In addition, try mixing Nurtured in Norfolk’s Dusting Powders with icing sugar and floral water to make a smooth and thick icing. For a bedtime drink it can be mixed into warm milk for those who enjoy the rose flavouring.

    Taste:Rose powder has a distinct flavour, perfume aroma and a vibrant colour. The scent and flavour of the flower dust is subtle, with sweet undertones.
    Allergens:No allergens recognised
    Seasonal Availability:Year Round
    Country of Origin:South Africa | United Kingdom


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