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Scottish Lobster 550g



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Scottish Lobster 550g

Weights: All weights are +/- 10%

Beautiful live Scottish Lobsters, we source our lobsters from Shetland and the Orkney islands where they are caught sustainably using pots and traps.

Lobster Wellington

450g puff paste  recipe rolled to 3mm thick

Rolled to 2x sheets approx. 35x25cm for the base and 30x 40cm for the top

Or 2x packets (320g each) ready rolled ‘all butter’ puff pastry

1x Egg Yolk for brushing


500-600g Lobster cooked in shell (blanched for 5 minutes)

Remove lobster from the shell (see picture below) keeping the tail whole

Reserve the tail part of shell and the top of the head part of shell


Reserve the other parts of the shell to make the lobster sauce

1x lobster will give about 250g shell

Prawn mousse  

125g Raw prawns

1 egg white

½ tsp salt

200g double cream

Cayenne pepper

White pepper

2 tsp chopped tarragon

Blend the prawns, salt and the egg white in a small food processor or blender then pulse in the cream to avoid over blending, add the seasoning and the chopped tarragon.

(Only need 200g of the above)


Building the wellington

  1. Pipe a little mousse in the lobster shape on the base sheet of pastry and place the lobster on top.
  2. Place the head and the tail pieces of shell at both ends and pipe a little mousse over the lobster.
  3. Brush around the edges of the lobster with the egg yolk
  4. Fold the top sheet of pastry in half and make some little cuts with a floured knife the length of the lobster tail, unfold and place over the top of the lobster, pressing down the edges.
  5. Using a fork press down the edges to seal the paste, and then using a round cutter cut the scallop shapes around the edge.
  6. Chill for 30 minutes, then brush with the egg yolk and then after chilling for a further 30 minutes give a second coat, allow to re chill before baking.



To make the lobster sauce

200g lobster shell

50g butter

150ml brandy

30g carrot

30g fennel

30g onion all cut into small dice (mirepoix)


15g tomato puree

100ml white wine

50g flour

500ml chicken stock

1 garlic clove

2 star anise

½ lemon grass stem

3 sprigs tarragon

1 x cardamom pod

Pinch of salt

Heat a heavy based pan and add half of the butter when sizzling add the lobster shells and turn up the heat. When they start to colour and smell roasted and sweet, deglaze with half of the brandy, when it reduces add the rest of the butter and repeat the caramelisation process. Turn the heat down and add the vegetables dice cook for two minutes then add the tomato puree, once this has roasted for further three minutes add the wine and reduce  to  a syrup consistency. Add the flour stirring until absorbed, followed by the stock. Simmer gently for 30 minutes, add the remaining ingredients and infuse for 10 minutes before passing the sauce through a fine sieve.



Wellington Cooking instructions

Pre-heat oven to 250 or gas mark 9 and place a large heavy flat baking tray to heat up in the middle of the oven  for around 15minutes at this temperature to get the tray really hot, this ensures the base will be crisp.

Slide the wellington on the greaseproof paper onto the hot tray, bake for 5 minutes at 250 then turn down to 200 for 12 minutes.

Slide off the paper onto a serving board. Pour your sauce into a jug, we garnish with rock samphire and serve with truffle French fries and a green salad.

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