Eggs & Dairy

Exceptional Wholesale Egg & Dairy Suppliers

When it comes to supplying eggs and dairy products, First Choice are able to meet all your kitchen’s needs.

We stock a complete range of eggs and dairy products, supplying them to a number of London’s top restaurants.

Our range of cheese is almost limitless. With the cheese halls in Rungis Market at our disposal we can get just about any cheese you need, including a staggering range of British, French and Italian cheeses.

We supply the whole range of milk products – whether skimmed, semi and whole milk – as well as non-dairy milks such as oat milk, coconut milk, soya milk and many more.

If it’s cream you’re after then look no further. Double, clotted, whipping, sour or even a sublime crème fraiche d’Isigny – we can source them all.

We have a full range of butters; from your everyday salted and unsalted to specialist varieties of handmade smoked butter and seaweed butter from Abernathy.

And to cap it all off we also stock and supply a vast range of eggs, including:

  • Chicken eggs
  • Quail’s eggs
  • Duck eggs
  • Pheasant eggs
  • Guinea fowl eggs
  • Partridge eggs
  • Turkey eggs
  • Ostrich and emu eggs

Speak to us today to see what exceptional egg and dairy produce we can supply to your kitchen.

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