We're proud of our range of wild foods. We put other suppliers of foraged foods to shame. With three chefs working at First Choice, the passion in this area is immense.

Using a network of well-established and approved foragers in Devon, Cornwall, Scotland, Norfolk and other foragers worldwide, we have the biggest range available in the UK. Seaweeds and sea vegetables are our speciality and pretty much all organic.

Furthermore, we ensure the foraging methods are ethical. We will refuse to take varieties where damage caused by their collection is harmful to the environment.

The varieties within our foraged wild food range include:

Wild Mushrooms Supplier

This range includes everything from the better known varieties (girolles, morels, chanterelles, cepes, trompettes etc) to the lesser-seen varieties such as scarlet elf caps, orange birch bolete, sporasis, meadow wax caps and puffballs.

Truffle Supplier

And of course let’s not forget the king of wild mushrooms. When it comes to sourcing truffles, we are at the front of the field.

Wild Herbs

We can supply a wide variety of wild herbs, including black mustard leaf, pennywort, three cornered garlic, Alexanders and many others.

Wild Sea Veggies

The range includes a vast array of fresh seaweeds, sea beet, wild sea leeks, sea purslane, sea beet, rock samphire (very different to the more common and cultivated marsh samphire). The list goes on and on...

Wild Fruits

These include crab apples, wild Scottish blueberries, sea buckthorn, elderflowers and elderberries, rosehips and more. We have an exhaustive range that changes throughout the year.

Speak to us today to see what foraged wild foods we can deliver to your kitchen.

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