Foraged Wild Foods

Exceptional Wild Foods

We’re proud to offer an exceptional range of wild foods. Our foraged food range includes a plethora of wild mushrooms and dozens edible plants and wild sea veggies.

We offer the full selection of wild mushrooms. From the better-known varieties such as girolles, morels, chanterelles, cepes and trompettes to the lesser-seen varieties such as scarlet elf caps, orange birch boletes, sparasis, meadow wax caps and puffballs.

Our range of edible plants includes wild salads such as wood sorrel, wild garlic, bittercress and fireweed; wild fruit and veg including wild cherries, pig nuts, elderberries and sweet cicely; and our wild sea vegetable range includes popular varieties like sea purslane, rock samphire and sea beet through to niche varieties such as fat hen, stonecrop and mermaid’s hair.

And let’s not forget the most coveted of all wild foods: the truffle. We’ve sourced white and black truffles since our inception and to this day we remain one of the best suppliers of these sensational products.

To deliver all these fantastic wild foods to our customers, we utilise our experienced network of expert foragers across the UK in Devon, Cornwall, Scotland and Norfolk, as well as other foragers overseas.

These foragers are the best in the business when it comes to wild foods. They know their stuff and – most importantly – all the best spots for quality wild crops year after year. This allows First Choice to offer our customers unrivalled access to a huge selection of foraged foods. And we’re often first to market with them.

What’s more, our foragers know the importance of sustainability. They know the value of respecting the environment, not over-harvesting and not damaging the plant beyond repair. Everything is picked in moderation and with an expert touch; ensuring the crop comes back big, strong and thoroughly delicious each year.

Contact us today to see what foraged wild wild mushrooms and edible wild plants we can deliver to your kitchen.

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