Exceptional Micro Cress Suppliers

Micro cresses have been a huge success story and have evolved massively over the past decade or so. And it's a forever changing picture.

As chefs seek new flavours our growers have been working hard behind the scenes to bring on some incredibly interesting varieties. We have strived to bring the very latest developments and new varieties to our customers.

We work closely with growers who prefer to grow on soil rather than hydroponically, as this increases the levels of essential oils, and in turn creates a more intense flavour.

We supply our micros in various formats. Largely, chefs prefer to take ready cut cresses, but we can also supply growing varieties that can be cut at the pass.

Our range of cresses included many cultivated sea vegetable varieties and a vast range of edible flowers Including:

  • The more common micro herb varieties (mint, basil, dill, fennel etc)
  • Micro edamame shoots
  • Popcorn shoots
  • Micro butterfly sorrel
  • Micro wasabi rocket
  • Edible flowers such as pansy, alyssum, snap dragons, mimullis, apple blossom etc

The list just goes on and on. Far too many to list here so please speak to your sales guru for more details.

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