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First Choice have been micro herbs suppliers since our inception. Microgreens have been a huge success story, evolving massively over the past decade or so. And it's a forever changing picture.

We’ve always strived to bring the very latest developments and new varieties to our customers. So as chefs have demanded new and exciting flavours our suppliers have been working to bring on some incredible varieties of micro herbs.

We work closely with three specialist growers — Westlands, Nurtured in Norfolk and Koppert Cress. These producers are among the most skilled in their field, and they’re able to produce micro herbs at the right quality and with the intense flavour that our customers require.

We supply our micro herbs in various formats. Many chefs prefer to take ready cut microgreens, but we can also supply growing varieties that can be cut at the pass. And our range is huge. We supply dozens of varieties including mint, basil, dill, fennel, tarragon, sage and many more.

We also supply a range of cultivated sea vegetable varieties, including sea aster, sea beet, salty fingers and oyster leaf to name a few.

And we’re also suppliers of a vast range of edible flowers too, including borage, fuchsia, marigold, nasturtium, apple blossom and more.

The list of microgreens goes on and on. Take a look at the full range on our suppliers’ websites:

Or speak to us today to see what micro herbs we can deliver to your kitchen.

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