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Aloe Vera Leaf


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    Aloe Vera Smoothie recipe


    coconut milk,

    frozen strawberries,

    a banana 

    about 1/4 cup of the aloe vera cubes

    Trim off the top and bottom parts of the leaf. Use a clean cutting board and a sharp knife to trim off the top quarter of the aloe, as well as the bottom quarter (where the leaf attached to the rest of the plant). These sections generally don’t contain much usable aloe gel

    Cut off both spiked sides from the aloe leaf. Place the aloe leaf so that it’s flat against the cutting board. Then, cut away the spiked sides by running your knife along the length of the leaf. Try to cut away as little of the actual meat of the leaf as possible

    Peel the top and bottom exterior of the leaf using a vegetable peeler. Keep the leaf flat against the cutting board. Take your vegetable peeler and start peeling from the top of the leaf. Work your way down to the bottom of the leaf, removing the exterior skin in sections until it’s gone. Flip the aloe over and repeat the peeling process on the other side.

    • When you’re done, the green exterior of the aloe should be gone, leaving you with the opaque gel from the center.
    • If there are small streaks of green you can’t remove with your peeler, use your knife to carefully slice them away.
    • The aloe will be sticky and a little slimy. Try to keep your hand that holds the peeler/knife as dry as possible to keep the utensil from slipping.

    Place all the ingredients in a blender, and give it a whirl. You can add coconut milk if it looks too thick or add a sweetener if you’d like.


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