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Deliveries During Lord Mayor’s Show

The Lord Mayor’s Show takes place this Saturday 10th November and there are several road closures in place as a result. If you’re in the affected area (see maps below) then we won’t be able to make second deliveries unfortunately. Please consider this when placing your orders tonight and on Friday and ensure you are […]

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What is Fenland Celery?

Fenland celery is a white winter celery that has become the gold standard of all celery varieties. Grown right here in the UK within the Fens — a coastal plain in eastern England — it’s a crop with a strong heritage that dates back to Victorian times. During that time, it was cultivated in the […]

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10 Chefs of Instagram You Should be Following

For any chef — whether new to the industry or a seasoned pro — Instagram is a fantastic resource for inspiration. As long as you follow the right people that is. Navigate away from all the smashed avocado on toast and flat whites and you can find the chefs of Instagram that are worth following. Take a […]

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What is a Sudachi Lime?

The sudachi (commonly referred to in the UK as the sudachi lime) is a citrus fruit that originates from Japan. It’s a natural genetic mutation the yuzu. It was first cultivated in the Tokushima Prefecture on Shikoku Island and is still cultivated there today. Cultivation has spread further afield since, with a notable level of […]

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