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Black Leg Chicken (Poulet Noir) (1.15kg +/-) – Frozen

(5 customer reviews)


Also known as poulet noir, our black leg chicken from France offers high quality meat that’s packed full of rich, game-like flavour. We recommend roasting with onion, squash, and kale, and putting any leftovers into a hearty soup with our seasonal vegetables.

    Country of Origin: England

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    Average Weight 1.15 kg

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    5 reviews for Black Leg Chicken (Poulet Noir) (1.15kg +/-) – Frozen

    1. Vaish Morgan

      My husband and i wanted to try something new this weekend and wow this was by far the best.
      really enjoyed this and such a high quality meat- i am impressed, well done first choice

    2. Ram Chandran

      Great quality, full and flavoursome meat.
      Cooked extremely well and i would definitely buy again.

    3. Belle Richards

      This reminded me of my anniversary in Paris, had to try roasting it myself and my what a dinner it was. I had it with roasted onion squash and some of the more interesting kale you sell. Absolutely loving what you offer.

    4. Andrew Phillips

      Simply roasted it with some bearnaise butter you offer, absolutely sublime and just took minutes to prepare!

    5. Lambi Cheung (verified owner)

      I made soup with this chicken along with the ironbark pumpkin. Absolutely flavoursome!
      I’m excited to buy it again and try other recipes with it.

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