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Planalto Coffee 250g


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    Planalto Coffee 250g

    One of our longest sourcing relationships is with Planalto, and it’s grown a lot since we first started with Sergio and Mariza.
    We refer to it as the Planalto estate for a reason: this is not a small farm. At a massive 908 hectares, with 430 hectares of coffee-producing land, Sergio and Mariza manage to produce around 12,000 bags a year – that’s 35 bags per hectare. A lot of coffee to go around! It’s not finished growing though, next steps involve expanding the plantations by acquiring neighbouring areas. This is not all about profit: Sergio and Mariza are keen to support conservation of the local habitat too. 25% of the farm is already natural forest, but they want to expand this as well by planting varieties which are well suited to the area.


    Process: Pulped Natual

    Sweetness: Refined Sugar

    Acidity: Lactic
    Mouthfeel: Round

    Variety: Yellow Catuai
    Altitude: 1200m


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