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Herati Saffron 2g


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This unique saffron has a distinctive floral taste, with an earthy aroma. This valuable spice pairs perfectly with paella, risotto and biryani.  Our saffron threads have a flame coloured tail and slight graduation in colour, your assurance that it’s 100% pure, never died or otherwise adulterated.

As good as Saffron gets from the home of Saffron.

Add to: Firstly steep a few threads in warm water and then add to baked rice, paella & ice cream

Further seasoning wisdom:

Herati Saffron is cultivated in the desert of western Afghanistan, where it has been growing for millennia.

Saffron comes from beautiful white and purple crocus flowers. Each flower produces only 3 stamens, which are hand-picked and dried.

This ingredient is fundamental to Mediterranean and South Asian cooking. Use this saffron to spice up  your rice dishes, marinades and tomato-based sauces with a warming, honeyed flavour.

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